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Need Some Anal

Woke up from a dream where I was gang banged. Tied to a bed on all fours. Drugged. Apparently I signed up to an event called the United Nations Tour where 45 men from one country had an hour and a half to fuck my ass. There were 8 countries that signed up. They video it and the next day they put me in a room to watch my footage right before my last country.
I watch the first guy take my anal virginity and wonder if he knows how lucky he is. I watch and get wetter and wetter as each guy takes their turn. Some go fast some are slow. I watch my face. I don’t remember a thing but I seem to be smiling. Enjoying it. Then I cum. The guys holler and tell. I guess they get something extra or special when this happens. I love that my body is reacting to pure pleasure. I have no idea what is happening. It excites me that I’m an anal whore. I always wondered if I could cum from just anal and then I watch it happen again. Much sooner than last time. My ass is loving this.
I watch for a couple of hours, each country taking their turns. I slowly start to realize that their dick size gets bigger as the day goes on. I cum watching myself cum. I seem to cum a lot and lasted a lot longer each time. I look exhausted as they zoom in on my gaping ass. I’m so proud of myself very very proud actually
I have finished watching yesterday’s events So they take me to an exam room. Told to disrobe, bend over and grab my ankles they need to inspect me to see if I can still compete today. Compete? What do you mean? I’m forced over and I’m so embarrassed. I’m not drugged. I’m self conscious. Grab your ankles I’m told as lubed up fingers roughly invade my ass. I’m dying. Why I ask myself, many people fucked me yesterday why do I care? But I do they take pictures and poke and prod and insert large probes, stretching my ass.
Finally I pass inspection. I get the guts to ask about the competition.
I am going up against the three time champ and I have a shot at winning. Trouble is Africa is my next country. So is hers and we are not drugged. The tech also tells me that some tribes that are in my 45 guys from Africa are built like pop cans. So thick.
I’m scared and excited.
We go into a room with two iron beds facing each other. Great. We will be face to face. She will see me struggling or Cumming.
First two guys in and I cum. Loudly. Not on purpose. My ass just gripped this massive cock and didn’t want to let it go. I watch her watching me. It turns me on.
The next guy is my pop can dick. I don’t want to look up. I don’t want her to see me struggling. This canon sized dick is stretching me beyond anything I could ever imaging. It hurts but he’s in. Slow at first then he spanks my ass and says ride it. Spanks me again and yells faster faster. Something inside me makes me obey. It hurts but I’m not giving up. I’m not letting her win. I see her licking her lips and staring at my massive tits swaying as my ass gets pounded. I think her tiny tits would fit in my mouth. I could suck the whole tit in. I cum. I go red in the face because as another massive cock is stretching my ass she mouths to me ” I made you cum”. She did.
This is when I wake up. My ass is begging to be stuffed and I’d love some tits in my mouth. I’m wet. So wet.

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